Cape Coral Boating

Cape Coral Boating the Bridges and Canals

Boating is one of the most popular pastimes in Cape Coral, and there are many options in terms of water access, property type and value. Before committing to a property, one should consider the type of boat to be used and the activities that will be pursued. Property options and costs will vary depending on the type of water access, bridges, locks and lifts along the canal, canal width and access to the gulf.

YOU CAN HELP! To keep boating safe and enjoyable:

  • Learn and observe the rules of the waterway
  • Wear your life jacket
  • Stay sober
  • Know how to swim
  • Know the limits of your boat and your boating abilities
  • Keep your boat in good repair
  • Tell others where you are going
  • Be aware of changing weather conditions
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Check all your equipment before each trip

DID YOU KNOW?: The Coast Guard Auxiliary offers a free boat inspection to advise boaters of state and federal safety requirements. Violations found during these courtesy exams will not be reported to authorities.